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Hi parents! I’m NYC public school teacher, worked in over 50 schools at Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn with students from PK to 12 grade! Known as a Dr. D. Parent of two district 3 public school students and former CEC3, CCELL and CEC14 member. I would like to continue advocacy for improvement public education system and looking for your great and active participation. Guess why system still need improvements? Unfortunately, only few decision makers had real chance to works in school with children. Majority don’t have current classroom experience; they also don’t have children in public schools. So how they want change schools? Do they know better what right for our kids? Administration love to surprise decision without consultations with parents. Is this right way? I don’t think so. CEC members provide DOE with realistic advice based on community research without compensation. Did DOE want to seriously take care of CEC resolutions? Answer is still NO! But we can’t give up! All together we will do more. With dedicated teachers we will strongly care for our children’s literacy, critical thinking, artistic and science development as well as physical activity. With passion and compassion. Connected and stronger like never before! If we can’t do it for our beloved better future! Then who? Nobody else than we! And now message for Chancellor Banks: I'm encourage you to spend a day to personally read CEC and Citywide Councils resolutions from last few years you will be surprised how many ideas are there and how simply changes will make education in our city better. David don't wait with implementing these solutions! Be on yes, David! 


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