• Have a conversation with your student about their interests, passions, and values

• Help your student think through the pros and cons to each of their options

• Share information on options with other members of your parent community, and ask your school administration to hold a family event on postsecondary options and preparedness

Resources & Opportunities

Self Exploration

• DML's Self-Exploration Workbook for students (All DOE


16 Personalities Test (37 languages)

Postsecondary Options

DML's Career Exploration Workbook for students (All DOE


Learning about work: exploring career interests

Interests Profiler(My Next Move; English, Spanish)

• DML's College Search Workbook for students (All DOE languages)

YouVisit virtual campus tours & bingo

Types of Colleges (Big Future)



• Find out who your child’s school counselor is, and set up a meeting to discuss your child’s postsecondary options

• Support your student in working hard to keep their grades up, seeking out tutoring supports where available, and staying on track to graduation

• Taking advanced coursework, including honors, AP, or College Now courses

• Volunteering, engaging in community service, interning, job shadowing, or working

• Participating in extracurricular activities, a club, or sports

• Getting to know their teachers and counselors

Resources & Opportunities

● DML's Questions by the Dozen to ask Counselors (All DOE languages)

● DML's Navigating High School Workbook(All DOE languages)

Road to College Checklist (ImmSchools)

College list financial eligibility form (Spanish, English)

● DML's CBO GeoMap



Support your child in:

Creating a list of programs, finding the best fit, discussing cost as a family, and telling their story in applications

Using a planner or digital calendar to keep track of to-do items and deadlines

Become aware of the financial aid application process and information your student needs from you

Resources & Opportunities

● DML's College Planning with Families deck (All DOE languages)

Student and family resources for creating a strong list, discussing cost, and

crafting a story in applications (I Am From Poem-writing exercise)

College Application Tracker

CUNY admissions supports and Application Fee Waivers (available at HSs)

November 19-20: CUNY Admissions 101

(Spanish, Mandarin, Bengali, Russian)

November 23-24: CUNY Application Support

(Spanish, Mandarin, Bengali, Russian)

DREAMer’s Roadmap; scholarship opportunities that do not require proof

of U.S. citizenship; Grants, Loans, and Scholarships: The Difference

(College Ave); Financial aid lessons: FAFSA, verification, financial aid

letters, loans; Multilingual FAFSA Guides

● Information sessions on financial aid (forthcoming)

December 7: Financial Aid 101 (Spanish)

December 14: Dream Act Application (Spanish)

PSFCU 2021 Scholarship Program

KF Scholarship Programs

FACE Foundation - Supporting French-American Cultural Exchange in Education and the Arts