Lily Ramos

Council Member CEC5

Aide Zainos 

Council Member CEC9


Dr. Assietou Sow

Council Member CEC3

Dr. Dariusz Zawislak 

Council Member CCELL



Problem: Not all the parents know about the CEC specially ELL parents.

Recommendation: More communication from FACE and principals about this matter it's very important.

Problem:  50%  of CEC have right now vacancy on ELL chairs! 

Recommendation: FACE  with school principals should active communicate vacancies to parents.

Problem: How to recommend profits of dual-language  program to community.

Recommendation: More seminars on bilingual educations for minority ELL parents required from DOE. 

Problem: How to communicate with multilingual families?

Recommendation: DOE permanent translation languages should be increase from 9 to 12 or more additional languages. Suggested right now Italian, Polish, Japanese due to support development existing dual language minority programs.

As well as convince PTA to multi-language communication with parents.  PTA bylaws and minutes translation should be available upon request. PTA meeting should be prepared also for active discussion with other than English speaking parents. Communication with parens should be also in two- ways channels such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Apps, ect). School principals should invite all parents by presenting parents social media channels to develop communication and partnership.


Problem: How to find more qualified teachers for dual-language programs?

Recommendations: Active communication to teachers about certifications proces for those teachers that have a degree in education from their native countries, as well as convince NYSE to create additional certification way for experienced foreign teachers. 

Problem: No minority dual language programs in middle and high schools.

Recommendation: DOE should start preparing right now proces of  dual language programs extensions in middle and high schools for minority dual-language programs.


Problem: PTA Sources for additional programming.

Recommendation: Prepare profesional training for PTA how to Improve PTA budges from sources out of DOE, for other school activities.  (Sport, music, etc), Create citywide partnership and networking on good practices in found rising.


The next meeting for CEC ELL Members planed March 28th, 2020 is postponed.