1/ Opening Remarks
dr. Darling James Miramey CEC3 Treasurer Chair of Committee & Anna Karwowska CE24 Member Co-Chair

2/ Introduction Resolution

* CEC3 Resolution in Support of Bilingual Program Extension to Middle Schools and Citywide Remote & Digital Learning World Language

3/ Presentation 


Our special guests are:

Tara Carrozza Expert on digital learning tools and presenting, supporting by Ilene Altschul Executive Director Division of Curriculum and Instruction NYCPS

#Will we be able to continue learning home language outside the classroom or with a virtual teacher in New York City public schools?

4/ Q&A 

How has the integration of virtual and digital tools impacted the learning of home languages in New York City Public Schools (NYCPS)?

What specific virtual tools or platforms have shown the most success in facilitating home language learning, and how are they being utilized effectively?

In what ways have teachers adapted their instructional methods to incorporate digital tools for home language learning, and what challenges have they encountered in this process?

How are NYCPS addressing the potential disparities in access to digital tools among students and families, especially in the context of home language learning?

Can you share examples of successful virtual language learning programs or initiatives that have positively impacted students' proficiency in their home languages?

How has the use of virtual tools influenced parental involvement and support for home language learning, and what strategies are being employed to enhance family engagement in this context?

Are there any specific digital resources or applications that have been particularly effective in supporting diverse linguistic backgrounds within the NYCPS system?

What professional development opportunities are being provided to educators to enhance their skills in integrating virtual and digital tools for home language learning?

How do NYCPS measure the success and effectiveness of virtual and digital tools in promoting home language proficiency, and are there any specific metrics or assessments in place?

What future plans or innovations is NYCPS considering to further enhance the use of virtual and digital tools for home language learning, and how will these initiatives address evolving educational needs and technology trends?

5/ Closing Remarks
Dr. Darling James Miramey, Anna Karwowska and adjournment meeting.